WildReplace v0.99d (beta)

WildReplace is a search & replace tool that lets you searh for files on your disks and presents the results in a folder tree highlighting the folders and files that have been found. Most programs of its kind display a plain list of results; WildReplace presents the information by mainting the folder structure of your disk, and highlighting the folders that contain files that have matched your search criteria.

You can search for files using many different search options (file attributes, size, date/time, contents). For example, you can search for files that are read/only and contain a matching phrase (works with both Text and Binary files), or for files that have been modified in the last few days and they have a certain size. Any combination of search terms is allowed.

WildReplace can also replace text on files, a feature that is really very powerful but should be treated with care. WildReplace can create backups of modified files, delete files that match your search criteria or move all matching files to a new location while preserving the same folder structure.

WildReplace is now in public beta but is in fully working condition.


  • WildReplace

Version History

Version 0.99d (beta)

  • Binary file support (only for searching), allows you to search inside binary files
  • Performance enhancements, quicker abort mechanism

Version 0.99beta

  • Advanced search options (size, date, attributes)
  • Regular Expression Help form with tester for matching and replacements
  • New images, parent folders have different coloring to folders with immediate children

Version 0.95beta

  • Regular Expression Help and Teste
  • Check for Updates
  • Parameter in the command line

Version 0.93beta

  • Support for case-insensitive regular expressions
  • RegEx support
  • Resizing of top-left panel
  • Copy files to location