VirtualTreeNavigator v0.31

VirtualTreeNavigator is a data visualization tool, a taxonomy generator and browser that presents data in a hierarchical structure. It can present any data structure as a hierarchical system (taxonomy) using a simple and intuitive XML descriptor.

It can generate taxonomies based on simple rules and collect data from SQL, XML, HTML, XHTML or CSV text. It can connect to any RDBMS database (ODBC, ADO, OLEDB) and will retrieve data using plain SQL. VirtualTreeNavigator will help you to instantly visualise and understand the structure of any database.

VirtualTreeNavigator features:

  • intuitive representation ofhierarchy
  • visualisation of any data structure regardless of its source
  • taxonomy definition files are written in plain XML can work in source-controlled multi-person team environment
  • powerful XML editor in-program for quick XML descriptor compilation and immediate data retrieval
  • easy to install, uninstall and move around. It does not write anything to the registry, it can run perfectly from a USB stick

See what it can do for you, by following VirtualTreeNavigator's Quick Online Guide.


  • VirtualTreeNavigator
  • VirtualTreeNavigator
  • VirtualTreeNavigator
  • VirtualTreeNavigator
  • VirtualTreeNavigator

Version History

v0.31 - 21.Jun.2009

  • Command-line attributes to hide editing/programmers functionality
  • Added title in taxonomies
  • Added HTML preview based on user templates
  • prefix and singlerow attributes for queries and callable queries
  • Added Buttons for quick XML generation, new from template (0.30)
  • Fixed images, simple automation for XML authoring (0.29)
  • Fixed images, simple automation for XML authoring (0.29)
  • Fixed SynEdit bug with pasting text, Read-Only edit fields for easy copying and pasting (0.28)
  • Auto-save improvements (0.27)
  • Exception handling for recursive queries (0.26)
  • Added attribute name and value for iconindex definitions (0.25)

v0.24 - 05.Apr.2008

  • Bug fixes; add children recursively to root node is using TNode too

v0.23 - 18.Sep.2007

  • Open in external editor
  • Upgraded to SynEdit 2.0.6
  • 9 more icon sets, Auto reloa
  • Implementation of recursive queries for Text and SQ
  • Removed check for normal queries used as metadata
  • Introduction of nvp="true" for queries
  • Removed check for no queries, inline queries allow that
  • Inline queries for taxdef and metadata
  • Text and XML Reports, Reports can show only visible nodes
  • Started the script node. Help bugs fixed

v0.12 - 09.Jun.2007

  • Data Queries
  • Finalised help files
  • Support for Static Children, XML and CSV text
  • Recent Menu items

v0.07 - 11.Mar.2007

  • First release to public domain