BeanMaker v2.27

BeanMaker is an innovative and fully customizable source code generator, designed to help boost a programmer's productivity. It can generate any kind of files (*.java, *.xml, *.tld) using simple text templates enhanced with with special tags.

BeanMaker works for any kind of programming language, although it was designed originally for Java and J2EE programmers. Whether you are looking for consistent source code look and feel across development teams, simplification of repetitive tasks or just error free code generation BeanMaker is a tool that can be very helpful. Ease of use and functionality-rich template tags make this utility an essential tool for every developer.

Unlike other code generators BeanMaker does not tie you to the generation engine. Once the code is produced, it's all yours. That means you can modiyf it, add features to it and generally speaking use it as a boiler-plate code.

BeanMaker features:

  • Fully re-programmable template engine
  • Powerful template tags, loop tags, function tags
  • Configuration settings saved in simple XML files
  • Preview of the generated source files, automatic creation
  • Automatic saving of preferences
  • Build-in text editor for properties and templates
  • User defined recursive tags
  • User defined bean types saved in XML descriptors
  • Automatic creation of directories and filenames
  • Preview of available tags and their calculated values

For a full description of features, refer to BeanMaker's online help.


  • BeanMaker
  • BeanMaker
  • BeanMaker
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Engine Diagrams

  • BeanMaker template engine
  • BeanMaker template engine

Version History

v2.27 - 14.Sep.2008

  • Added Application Paths, changed $src_path$ to $project_root$
  • Cosmetic changes

v2.25 - 03.Oct.2007

  • Rebuilt SynEdit to fix bugs with XML highlighter

v2.24 - 18.Sep.2007

  • cmd-line parameter for loading project files

v2.23 - 26.Aug.2007

  • Added RegEx help, tester, added Data Type maps for projects
  • New icons, color schemes in the build

v2.22 - 08.Apr.2007

  • Support for more languages in syntax highlighting

v2.21 - 24.Jan.2007

  • Fixed bug with Highlighter when creating from template

v2.20 - 21.Jan.2007

  • Added Syntax Highlighters

v2.13 - 03.Jan.2007

  • Fixed tab order on front pag

v2.12 - 21.Dec.2006

  • Added Drop downs for packages and Classes

v2.11 - 20.Dec.2006

  • Timestamp in Oracle definition

v2.10 - 20.Aug.2006

  • Caches additional BeanType values
  • Template Editor Helper. Testing template
  • TypePrefixes and are case sensitive
  • $execution_path$ tags


  • Property arrays


  • Support for multiple $ploop$s in one line


  • Cosmetic changes


  • Simpler Oracle transformation tool
  • improved look on XP


  • $ploop$ fixes and modifications and indentation
  • $count$ tag, %EOL% constant


  • New $ploop$ tag for inline loops. Saves pnlLeft width in ini file


  • Syntax highlighting


  • New functions (pos, lastpos, zeropad, equals, inc, dec).
  • Engine now supports field names, types and NULLability for props.


  • New rpad and lpad functions, and $xxxx_rpad$ properties


  • support for linking properties with database fields and types to generate database-access source code


  • completely re-written template engine, with regular expression and include tags.
  • Project configuration is saved in XML. New user interface for modifying bean types