My Wandering Days Are Over...

A PhotoBlog by Kostas Symeonidis

"You know my wandering days are over, but does that mean that I'm getting boring?"

— Belle and Sebastian

I always wanted to do interesting and exciting things in my life and photography is one those things that I love to spend my free time on. I love to experiment with colours and compositions, trying to get better and better all the time. With the creation of this web corner my aim is to steer clear of becoming boring and add some more creativity to my ever-growing list of hobbies, while hoping to be adding another worthy place to visit in the world wide web.

This web site is aiming to be simple and focuses on the photos. The navigation is straightforward; each photo-page features a selection of five random thumbnails. The visitor can also use the "previous" and "next" links to browse the pictures sequentially, or use the gallery pages to view the complete collection of thumbnails.

The pictures shown on this web-site are all digital shots, cropped to 2:3 aspect ratio and only slightly enhanced (unsharp mask, levels, brightness and contrast) when necessary. All images are resized to 720x480 pixels and the thumbnails to 120x80 pixels.

Recommended viewing resolution is at least 1024x768 pixels.

All pictures contained in this web-site are owned by Kostas Symeonidis, Copyright ©2000-2008.
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