WebBtnCreator v1.90

An easy to use utility to create buttons for use in web and application development. Powerfull graphics engine with font anti-aliasing. Save and re-create your buttons whenever you want. Use high-quality images created with imaging tools and apply only the text labels with WebBtnCreator.

Associate button Captions with Filenames, add prefixes and suffixes depending on styles and re-create all your web-sites buttons with just a press of a key!

Version History

v1.90 - 28.Jul.2007

  • New GIFImage with correct optimization, added GIF preview
  • Pick color from image, More JEDI components

v1.82 - 18.Oct.2005

  • Changed pop-up message for saving file types

v1.81 - 03.Aug.2005

  • Optimized anti-alias method not to draw on BMP when not needed


  • Support for four different BMPs aligned to edges of buttons
  • New anti-aliasing methods from custom-made library.


  • New button styles saved in human-readble text files
  • Captions and Filenames are saved in separate files so you can have multiple styles with the same captions
  • Bug fixes in BMP importing (creating buttons from BMPs)


  • improved user interface and uses now Windows True-Type Manager's anti-aliasing


  • WebBtnCreator
  • WebBtnCreator