RoundCalendar v1.10beta

RoundCal is a unique program that generates round calendars. Perceiving the year as "round" is something that several ancient civilizations have done, sadly though our calendars of today are usually presented as sets of rectangular grids... As the Earth revolves around the Sun in an almost perfect circular orbit, our seasons and months can be represented as circular arches on it. RoundCal is bringing this concept to your desktop and it has interesting practical uses.

It stores calendars in bitmaps, highlights dates of interest and can illustrate a 52 week calendar (almost a full year) in a round shape.

Although, this is a beta version (for a number of years now), it does work fully. Sadly it does not contain any help, but following the menu commands should be intuitive enough. Please report any bugs and/or suggestions!

The author says...

It must have been summer of '98, when I got the idea of the Round Calendar while waiting for my flight at the old Athens airport "Ellinikon". I was on my way to Leros, the island I spend most of my military service as a sailor.
The concept was so intense that I immediatelly took my laptop out of my bag and started coding. A few minutes later I had a vector drawing of my first round calendar.
A few days later, while still in Leros I had a fully working version, which I would use for drawing a calendar on my Windows wallpaper. Every day RoundCal would run on Windows start-up and gray-out one more day of my service...

This is what I wrote back then, being so excited about it :-) :

The WORLD'S first ROUND CALENDAR!!! The biggest innovation since the cheeseburger, also rounded, is this kind of calendar. A rounded calendar which stores bitmaps, highlights dates of interest and print a one year calendar in a round shape. This unique perception of a calendar, is compact, usefull and absolutely amazing! We are sorry, NO HELP currently available. Just follow the menu commands. Please report any bugs and/or suggestions!


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