Simon32 v1.0

Simon32 is a game we developed back in 1996. Our first creation that broke the rectangular window look, was something that made a lot of jaws drop. Inspired by Kai Krause, its innovative design and user interface make this wonderful memory game even more enjoyable.

Production of Simon - Credits (Circa 1996)

I had the idea of creating a game, which would have a user interface of it's own. Different from Windows Menus, Buttons, Toolbars, Rectangular Windows etc. Kai's Power Tools was the initial stimulus to this idea. I admired the interface, the colors, everything. In respect to Kai Krause, this program has nothing to claim, but only to add, in the world of digital art.

Then I had to find a nice easy-to-implement small game to use this kind of interface. Simon came in mind. My friend Zaf Keramidas had written a Simon implementation for DOS some years ago. It was really cool. Nice colors, mouse support, perfect! I borrowed that idea (thank you Zaf) and Simon was build. Zaf is the owner of an original MB battery operated Simon Toy, aged over 20 (I think).

I have to admit, that I spent a lot more time in Adobe Photoshop, than in Delphi to create this application. The background has been made using KPT Texture Explorer, all other bitmaps have been created using Photoshop.

I have to thank Adobe, Borland and Metatools for they brought some really good products in the Software market.


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