NarkoMania v2.20

A very cool Minesweeper clone that features very detailed High Scores table and a speed graph that allows you to see how fast you are performing compared to the best score while the game is in progress! Included in this release a special Cheat mode for the "impatient people"! This program has been written for educational purposes by Kostas Symeonidis and his students in Data Station, Thessaloniki - Greece in 1996 and has been revised by CyLog Software ever since.

The game features five difficulty levels (plus a custom one) and a Top-100 high-score table for each difficulty level.

Version 2.20 features (August 2008)

Version 2.20, was introduced in August 2008 and was compiled with Delphi 7.0. The new version has updated 24-bit graphics and a few code and visual enhancements.

The algorithm

The point of the game is to uncover all tiles on the board without opening up mines. Each uncovered empty tile gives a clue as to how many mines are in the surrounding squares. Use the clues to conclude where the real mines are and mark them up. After having marked the mines you can pair-click (both left and right mouse buttons) on an opened square and the game will automatically uncover all surrounding squares based on your marks.

For example, if you click on a square that shows "2" mines in the surroundings and you have already marked two mines, the game will open all unopened squares around your clicking point. At this point, our special recursive algorithm will apply the same rules on every square that opens, digging deeper and deeper into the minefield and uncovering everything that can be uncovered. This is a great productivity boost compared to other minesweeper implementations.

For those of you who are a bit impatient and only care for the challenging rules, a simple press of the help button ("H") will do all the boring and easy uncovering stuff for you and leave you with tiles that a simple logical deduction is not enough.


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